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Paid Advertising

The fuel to the 🔥 

We generated more sales for Pure World™ in the first month of paid advertising than in the prior 3 years of word of mouth & organic social media marketing combined.

Small Budget Interest-Based Ads
Goal: Sales Conversions

Sales Campaign.png

The best way to begin with Meta Ads is to target broad interests that are relevant to your offering. Test these interests to find the best one, then test different ad creatives to find the best ad. Continue testing! Meta will begin to better identify who your target buyers are as you gain more conversions. Once you reach a critical amount, you can expand to Lookalike Audiences which are based on who Meta knows to be your target buyers.

Top of Funnel Cold Audience
Goal: Find new potential customers to view your ads & visit your site. Establish brand awareness.

cold tof.png

Establish a proper acquisition funnel by casting a wide net to people who identify with your target buyer but who have never heard of your brand before. Use a cheaper performance goal, make the ad attractive to watch, and establish enough curiosity for viewers to click. 

Middle of Funnel Warm Audience
Goal: Convince interested potential customers to begin their order process.

warm atc.png

Retarget individuals who have already shown interest in your brand. Target individuals who have watched your prior ads 50%+ through, who have clicked your prior ads, and who have added to cart recently but did not purchase. Communicate your product benefits & make an offer they cannot refuse. Your goal is for them to purchase or at least put their contact info into your site.

Email/SMS marketing is the highest ROI strategy for bottom-of-funnel advertising.
Goal: Capture abandoned checkouts.

Call Out Ad For Action
User Generated Product Focused Video
Testimonial Style Ad
Cinematic Lifestyle Montage
Matching Collection
Different Styles
Product Reviews
Long Form Lifestyle & Product Ad
Different Styles
Testimonial Video
Dramatic Ad
About the Brand
Matching Collection
Holiday Sale
FAQ: How much can they fit?

Our Most Successful Ads

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